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Vision That Inspires!

Kileidoscope Clothing Co LLC is proud to present Vision That Inspires! Vision that inspires is simply everything we do. Apparel, Fundraising, Graphics and Printing. We have a vision to provide the imagery for those who want to get their thoughts, imagination, and verbal words out through the form of apparel graphics and printing. We are pleased to help those who need a voice and show their inspiration. 

Kileidoscope Clothing Co LLC started from a dream, a dream that inspiration could come visually through the form of graphic design. This inspiration would reach hundreds if not thousands giving them a voice without having to be heard. Our company started out as Tarblooder Tees, and has evolved in 7 short years of existence to Kileidoscope Clothing Co LLC.  We partner with "The DJ Showtime & WRPO Enterprises LLC."  Our goal remains the same and will always remain the same. To provide a visual inspiration through the use of graphic design!

The Kileidoscopic Approach is the way we approach a project. We not only accept the project, but we make the project our own. We interpret, with your help, the vision of how the project would be for the logo design, apparel worn, or tickets printed as if it were our own venture.  We fill with this family approach it gives a more intimate feel to the business world that may seem so impersonal. We have found that our clientel appreciates this more than just clicking a button and placing an order.